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Monday, November 21, 2005

Patriarchy in a skirt?

Yea, I'm punking out with this post by just reposting a comment I made on Athana's blog, but really, this is an immensely important issue for me:

>>Disagreeable goddesses always seem to be "patriarchal makeovers" instead of bitches with the right to be bitches. If female deity is icky acting, there seems to be a feminist reflex to explain why she is not nurturing and lovey-- ironically, just the way "patriarchy" has defined femininity. Why the hell are feminists apologizing for this? Nature based paths realize that nature has elements of destruction and devastation in order for newness to appear, so why are we apologizing away our female deities that encompass that role?

For some reason, only gods have the right to be bitches, organically? That's the way of thinking that makes "matriarchy" look like "patriarchy in a skirt," by arbitrarily demonizing those in official power by a simple-minded role reversal. (God in power with Goddess demonized, bad. Goddess in power and God demonized, good? That's a little silly.)

Also, what if gods were also made over by the "patriarchy?" I don't think I've heard that argument made too often by feminists.<<


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