Eye of Ra

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Eye of Ra...

I have to say, Goddess works in mysterious ways. Once you accept that, and let go with both hands, She just takes care of you. Honestly, I know I sound like the pagan equivalent of a Born Again sometimes, but I do accept that unfortunate comparison. We often use similar logic and vocabulary, we just draw drastically different conclusions...

But anyway, back to me and my Goddess. I chose to name this new blog Eye of Ra in honor of my relatively new patron Hathor. The "inspiration" to work with Hathor came to me in a dream, or as I'd like to frame it, Hathor revealed Herself to me in a dream while I was crashing on Kate's couch this summer. The title Eye of Ra alludes to the idea that impeccable Focus is a major characteristic of Hathor's. Given my OCD and penchant for anxiety, this seemed to be a wonderful match, and has truly proven so!

With luck and the will of the Goddess, I'll even make it to Europe after graduation this May! Only 26 weeks to go!


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